Jan 23rd Critical Maintenance for CPU Vulnerabilities

All VPS nodes and Web Hosting will be reboot at 03 February 2018 00:00AM Hong Kong time in order to patch for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU Vulnerabilities. You’ve probably already read about one of the most widespread security issues in modern computing history — colloquially known as “Meltdown” (CVE-2017-5754) and “Spectre” ... 閱讀全文 »

Nov 14th Service upgrade and Notice (Network)

After the upgrade to network it is time to improve our Hong Kong to International and China bandwidth. In order to provide better quality we need to update our data center and improve bandwidth to international. The update is already applied automatically by our migration on Nov 28,29 and 30, 2016 and you don't need to do any changes.JK NET 閱讀全文 »

Jul 7th Web Hosting Service Upgrade and Notice

Web hosting server farm upgrade and migration to new system.  hosting control panel update to 2016 last version. During this service upgrade there will be no interruption to the traffic to hosting services. New version Hosting control panel with one click website builder for quickly set up and install popular CMS and create sites. Set various ... 閱讀全文 »

Apr 1st 内容传递网路服务 (CDN) 计划推广

专业版和企业内容传递网路服务计划推广。 网站及手机应用程序将通过CloudFlare的在世界各地23个数据中心进行内容传递,网页及手机应用内容在全球以高度下载,提供更进阶的安全性及减低被攻击的风险。 更多CDN计划資料:https://www.jknet.hk/content-distribution.php 促... 閱讀全文 »

May 2nd 首年登记。 .ASIA 域名推广

首年登记。 .ASIA 域名推广5分钟即可完成整个登记过程。 域名注册服务包括:免费DNS服务包含管理平台免费提供网页指向,用户可自由设定免费无限邮件飞线免费域名注册内容保护登记过程简单方便,由注册,网上付款,域名即时使用。 首年港币80元优惠... 閱讀全文 »

Mar 7th JK NET 15周年

JKNET网页寄存服务全面提升 为您提供专业先进的CDN网页寄存服务 JKNET 成为全港首间得到CloudFlare 认证的合作伙伴,免费为JKNET 网页寄存客户提供最先进的CDN (Content distribution network) 内容传递网路服务,全球23 ... 閱讀全文 »

Jan 3rd JK NET的手机应用套件

JK NET的手机应用


JK NET 推出Android的域名Whois手机应用,无论您身在何处,亦可使用Whois查询功能寻找喜爱的域名。另外,iPhone用户亦可使用的Web应用程序找寻域名。